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Looking for attractive and accessible sports court covers to enhance the sports facilities then Enviroclass can be your go to place. Enviroclass is the top class playground and the communal area covers builders in Australia. Our team has designed and built playgrounds and communal shaded areas for all kinds of environments, including small daycare centres, large city parks, and even large school playground areas. We will create an outdoor space that will allow you to host sporting events and other physical activities regardless of the weather. These shade structures design will used for tennis courts, netball courts, swimming pools, basketball courts, skate Parks, school assemblies and events, and many more. We specialize in constructing the best quality playground and communal shade. We have been providing services to the local community since 2010. We have worked on projects in all major cities across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have also worked in remote locations such as the Pilbara region in western Australia. Contact us and visit our website here: https://enviroclass.com.au/playground-and-communal-area-covers for more details about playground and communal shade.